I forget who I stole this great list idea from!! Inspired by @tothemaxxx posting the pic below today...
  1. (For reference: here I am age 14 wearing an ensemble I hated to a dance I desperately wanted to be enjoying. Max is on the L. My future boyfriend is between us, in brown.)
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  2. Ahem: I sometimes wear "brand name" clothes/bags/shoes
    Visible logos were the epitome of everything that was wrong with America.
  3. Equally damning: I wear clothes that show some percentage of skin
    I was so highly committed to modesty (FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OTHER THAN MY OWN NEUROSES) that I asked for a turtlenecked bathing suit every single summer in a row ages 11-16.
  4. I eat meat
    Vegetarian ages 7-23, I would be HORRIFIED
  5. I dye my hair
    I was very proud of having virgin hair, to go along with my virgin everything else WHY WHY WHY
  6. I drink alcohol in a vvv casual way
  7. Furthermore: I watch TV on the regular and listen to pop music
    These were for PLEBEIANS ONLY
  8. I am no longer fluent in Spanish and remember absolutely nothing from my 11 plus years of piano lessons
    Actually I'm pretty mad about this now as well
  9. And the nail in the coffin: still haven't figured out a way to live in Hearst Castle.
    Life-long dream