"Am Daily Having My Eyes Opened Wider"

Today, in the basement of an antique store in Cleveland, I found hundreds--and I mean hundreds--of photos some soldier took, I'm guessing WW2. I bought this handful for a buck:
  1. Something about their relaxed postures
  2. Even in inclement weather
  3. And the juxtaposition of their uniforms
  4. Against the pastoral setting
  5. And the gaze is so intimate
  6. Almost sexual
  7. That these pictures feel almost ahistorical
  8. Who took them?
  9. Did he have a girl at home?
  10. BONUS: this postcard, addressed to Mrs Fred R White, dated Nov 3 1911 Spokane WA, which reads:
    "Am daily having my eyes opened wider. Pretty nearly ready to start back, thank the Lord. Hastily, Bob"