Today, in the basement of an antique store in Cleveland, I found hundreds--and I mean hundreds--of photos some soldier took, I'm guessing WW2. I bought this handful for a buck:
  1. Something about their relaxed postures
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  2. Even in inclement weather
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  3. And the juxtaposition of their uniforms
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  4. Against the pastoral setting
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  5. And the gaze is so intimate
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  6. Almost sexual
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  7. That these pictures feel almost ahistorical
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  8. Who took them?
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  9. Did he have a girl at home?
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  10. BONUS: this postcard, addressed to Mrs Fred R White, dated Nov 3 1911 Spokane WA, which reads:
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    "Am daily having my eyes opened wider. Pretty nearly ready to start back, thank the Lord. Hastily, Bob"