@thebfg @rightordoyle and I took a one day trip to the desert. Highlights included:
  1. We ate a really healthy breakfast. Two hours later, I complained that I "needed carbohydrates in order to drive." Hence...
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  2. Saw a sign that said "Estate Sale." Pulled the fuck OVER. Didn't find anything great, except opportunities for photo shoots. This mannequin was $650.00 FYI.
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  3. We reapplied sunscreen apprx every 100 feet. I also accidentally drove us out of Joshua Tree while looking for one particular hike...
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  4. ...the easiest possible hike. We spent most of 4 miles discussing which Disney princess/character we and each of our friends would be.
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  5. Here's what we decided: Betty may look more like an Ariel, but is more like Belle...
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  6. I may look more like a Belle, but am more like Ariel...
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  7. And Rightor is the entire cast of Aladdin.
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  8. The other important activity was naming rock and cloud shapes, ex: this beauty.
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  9. After, we had Mexican food at a place called Las Palmas (surprisingly good, nicest waiter on the planet) & hit the outlets where we saw (but did not buy) shit like this:
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  10. And we sang together the entire drive home (see list title).
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