y'all are smart. some of you live in NY. do you know a great plumber? electrician? handyman/woman? secret source for the best lighting fixtures? let's put our resources together...
  1. Closets: Lee Kaufman, Gotham Closets
    Lee redid our master closet & built a pantry for us. She was smart, reasonable & a perfectionist. Measured twice, cut once. So happy with what she eked out of our space. Can't recommend highly enough. She also does impeccable shelving work.
  2. Affordable Vintage Furniture: Furnish Green
    This is my secret source, borrowed from @maya. Bought a little marble-topped desk there for 80 bucks. Lots to comb through, worth the look.
  3. Slightly Pricier Vintage Furniture: Cabin Modern
    This guy has a great eye and a playful sense of color in reupholstering. He'll keep a look out if you're hunting for something specific. Good lighting fixtures too.
  4. Moon River Chatell for fixtures and lights. Also Olde Good Things. Pricier tables and lamps, knick knacks at the Upper Rust
    Suggested by @charlottery
  5. My dad. By which I mean he refurbished a p slope brownstone mostly by himself but he also knows who the best anything workers are in the area- flooring, electric, plumbing, metal, whatever
    Suggested by @dcerruti
  6. Handyman - Saxon Palmer, Speedy Fix It
    While it's not fair to say I'm responsible for this guy's career because he does great work, is nice, and reliable, but I did give him his first Yelp review, so... http://bit.ly/1hvymaE
    Suggested by @betsy