an appreciation of appreciation.
  1. Sex.
    It gets better.
  2. Real, bone-deep friendships.
  3. Getting to work hard on the things you love.
  4. If I want to make pasta for myself at 10 am, I can; if I want to do juice for dinner, that's cool too.
  5. If I want to fix myself a cocktail or a beer at any point in the day, that's my prerogative.
  6. Going to bed early with a novel is a totally acceptable way to spend a weekend evening.
  7. Dressing for yourself.
    As they say: do you.
  8. Once you pass your most solipsistic age, the world gets a whole lot more interesting (and older women are kinder to you).
  9. Feeling truly at home in your body.
    Never felt sexier hiiiiiiiiiiiii.
  10. Saying no. Turns out, less tolerance for bullshit means less bullshit in your life.