1. When Joan Cusack lets us know how selfish or foolish our protagonist is acting
    She does this a lot. Runaway Bride, High Fidelity, Say Anything, Gross Pointe Blank, the genius that is her performance in In & Out.
  2. When characters have to kiss to avoid their spy shenanigans being found out by the people in the film who are dangerous, but really they just wanted to kiss so badly
    Notorious, Casino Royale ripping off Notorious, everyone should watch Notorious
  3. When journalists live in fancy apartments and everyone reads their work and can recognize them on sight and they matter
    This was mostly in the 90s. The Paper, Runaway Bride which I am watching right now, How to Lose a Guy, etc etc literally thousands
  4. When journalists can pitch stupid stories about their own lives and other people care and their editor lets them concentrate on that story to the exclusion of all others
    How to Lose a Guy, Never Been Kissed, etc
  5. When Dustin Hoffman wears tightie whities in some scenes and in other scenes has a deep real friendship with a woman
    Tootsie, Kramer v Kramer, please tell me if there are more
  6. When the protagonist breaks the fourth wall and appeals to me personally!
    Annie Hall (sorry guys it's true), High Fidelity, Ferris Bueller
  7. When the camera dollies and zooms at the same time so the background gets a lot closer but the frame stays the same
    Goodfellas, movies that rip off Goodfellas
  8. When someone is dying and she says something that helps the protagonist become a better version of herself
    Little Women, Terms of Endearment, really just Little Women could watch that scene between Beth and Jo over and over
  9. When the sports team you have been rooting for to win against all odds doesn't win but it doesn't matter because that wasn't the most important thing after all
    Spoiler alert: Cool Runnings, A League of Their Own, BRING IT ON (thank you @jenny)
  10. When Tom Hanks thinks in close up
    Literally any movie with Tom Hanks in it that knows what it's doing