actually pretty hard @NKraft
  1. I'm a fucking multi-hyphenate
  2. "What I really want to do is direct"
    This might not be true
  3. My hair is always a different color, I'm super klutzy, I collect things with unicorns and/or bunnies on them
  4. "What I really want to do is have a baby"
    Yeah maybe not this either
  5. I have a California accent
    It gets worse? When I drink? Okay DAAAAAAAD.
  6. "What I really want to do is move to Portland"
    You can run but you can't hide, Kazan
  7. I think pour-over, freshly ground coffee is worth the effort/$$$, I like vintage clothes and furniture, half my glasses are old jam jars
    See directly above
  8. I shop at whole foods