Requested by @mindy
thank you @mindy for this dream request. these folks would probably blow me off any stage/screen, but it would be so worth it...
  1. Karl Malden
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    The best the best the best. And, at a personal level, he was like a second grandfather to me. Over even Brando, I'd like to stand next to this man on a stage, if only to see his shining face again. Maybe we could do Uncle Vanya and I'd be his niece Sonya.
  2. Colleen Dewhurst
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    Backbone like iron. Never a false note. We could do 3 sisters together; I'd play Irina to her Masha.
  3. Jason Robards
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    Criminally under-valued. No matter how much you value him, you could be ranking him higher. We would do Anna Christie together and have an insane affair that would end explosively.
  4. Judy Holiday
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    I think this woman is one of the cinematic geniuses of all time. She would 10000% steal every scene but it would be worth it to watch her up close and learn from her. Dude all I can think is how great she'd have been in Frankie & Johnnie, so maybe I'd direct her in that...
  5. John Cazale
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    I just want to know how he built those characters so that they felt so god damn real. I'd stand in the wings and bring him coffee if that's as close as I could get. Or we could do like, Look Back in Anger and I'd play Alison and he'd be the perfect Cliff. I just want to watch his process.
  6. Julie Harris
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    You can watch her in films, but I never saw her onstage and apparently it was like nothing else. I think I'd like to do Picnic with her, and play her tomboy kid sister (actually the kind of parts she was always playing, good reversal of type).
  7. River Phoenix
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    Jesus how could I forget the love of my life River Phoenix? Single greatest loss to the art of acting when this boy died. He could be the Jimmy in our aforementioned production of Look Back in Anger. Or we could do All My Sons together. God damn.