1. You spend the weekend with a man who is a DJ on the radio. Monday morning, high on infatuation and lack of sleep, you're driving to work, your ass on the edge of the seat, listening to his set on 88.5. Every song he plays is full of coded message. You have to pull off the freeway to breathe.
  2. After three dates with an editor at Knopf, you receive a package in the mail. She has sent you a passel of books in their review edition. They feel heavy and pliable. No one has decided if they are any good yet. You think about the sides of her breasts, how they look when she lies on her stomach.
  3. You're naked in bed with that other person and your ear is on her back and you can feel her breath rattling around inside her as she sleeps. It's like there's a bone loose, or maybe that's her heart. You wonder briefly if she is alright, and then you are asleep too.
  4. You're both married to other people. You first met through work and meet now on other pretenses. Nothing has happened. Your right foot kicks to its own metronome under the table, pointing over and over in his direction.
  5. The first time you fuck, after you have each come, you realize that you have somehow wedged both of your not inconsiderable bodies into the tiny crack between the bed and the wall. You laugh into each other's necks, trying for no reason to be quiet.