my private word for that special feeling of combined grumpiness/irritation/rage/boredom/need to be squeezed/amusement/crankiness. Here are some things that made me feel that way recently:
  1. When I tried to give notes on this script that is almost but not quite great, but I also was hungry and needed caffeine and couldn't stop checking my phone.
  2. The woman who asked me to change the music at that party, who then made a face when I put on my fave Japanese punk song and told me "it's a tough crowd."
    Fuck you.
  3. When the only things in the house quickly available to eat were crispex, almonds, and leftover chicken.
  4. Every fucking furniture store I visited in Williamsburg on Saturday that was trying to appeal to my exact demographic, while using the cheapest materials possible.
    You don't know my life.
  5. When for no apparent reason I was seized with the impulse to shove my face into the couch, put my butt in the air and make my boyfriend wonder if he had done something to piss me off.