Inspired by this week's INVISIBILIA (previously cited as This American Life. I listen to wayyyyy too many podcasts) cc: @npr
  1. Full disclosure: I'm a registered Democrat & a Hillary supporter. I'm pro-choice & pro-gun control. It all involves compromise, of course, but I'm trying to vote in a way that won't deny anyone—black people, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Muslims, women—their humanity & rights...
  2. So this week, after the RNC, I retweeted this.
  3. And a stranger responded like this:
  4. Normally I would have blocked him, or sent him something cutting & then blocked him. But for some reason—maybe because I heard this week's This American Life, which discusses responding to cruelty with kindness...or maybe because he wasn't all-CAPS-ing epithets at me—I didn't block him. I wrote this:
  5. And late last night he responded with this:
  6. And then this:
  7. My (liberal) father is always reminding me to remember that the other side is not evil. That they are human. He urges me to do so in the hopes that they will do the same—regard us as human—and our democracy will remain intact.
  8. As I said earlier: it is hard for me to extend empathy to the other side, to people who support Donald Trump & the GOP, when I feel that their platform denies the basic humanity & rights of so many people.
  9. But this was a good reminder for me: we are all human. We are all worried. Worry turns easily to anger. This election could turn us all into people we don't recognize.
  10. So. Even in my extreme fear at what might happen in November, I will make an effort to remain kind.