Requested by @bjnovak
TBH I don't think you really have to make it a priority to come here (unless you have family from here etc), but if you find yourself in Vilnius...
  1. DO eat the Indian food at Sue's; the falafel at the vegetarian shop on Subaciaus gave; and the meat from outdoor stands. Also the Asian restaurants are surprisingly good, as is the burger at Le Butcher.
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  2. DO go to the strange artsy section of town called Uzupis. If you can find the old Jewish graveyard, more power to you, as I definitively could not.
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  3. DO NOT get a taxi off the street! Taxi bill will be 3x as expensive than if you call for 17 euro vs 5 euro. Jazz taxi and Smart taxi are good & cheap.
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  4. DO buy linens. Lithuania's true export.
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  5. DO drink the local IPA, pronounced "EE-pah"
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  6. DO NOT bother going to any flea markets or thrift stores; they only sell junk. Also most antique stores are vastly overpriced.
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  7. DO go to the KGB museum. It's the only museum really worth visiting here, since the Soviets & Nazis seem to have destroyed almost all artifacts. But this place is pretty extraordinary.
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  8. DO try to find this random statue of Lithuanian Frank Zappa in a parking lot.
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