Memoir by Crush: Girls Edition

I loved them all.
  1. 1986: Sue ????
    Preschool teacher w/ a Joan Jett haircut/vibe, small breasts & a lanky frame. Overwhelming.
  2. 1988: Kate & Nell Greenberg
    Twin sisters a few years older than me. Kate was fair, Nell was dark. Possessed of exquisite freckles & a shit ton of paper dolls.
  3. 1992: Peggy Lee dog in "Lady & the Tramp"
    Practiced her walk & begged my mother not to cut my bangs
  4. 1995: Ingrid Bergman
    At no other time has beauty and talent intersected so completely in one person
  5. 1997: Smitha Srinivasa
    A vast 2 years older than me w/ a great laugh and the voice of a Shirelle. We nursed twin unrequited crushes on the same nerdy boy.
  6. 2001: Patricia Arquette
    Her fucked up teeth really got me. Wanted to touch her plush skin & soft body.
  7. 2006: Patti Smith
    Dreamt about her. Read her poems. Considered getting her tattoo.
  8. 2013: Frances McDormand