1. The postcard you sent me where you signed your own name
  2. The Christmas ornament you made me
  3. The gold bracelet, the chocolate soap, and the rabbit figurine made of shells that you brought back from vacation with your grandparents
  4. Every invitation to every birthday party you invited me to, most of them Halloween themed
  5. The navy blue suitcase that we kept our treasures and secrets in
  6. The yearbook you signed
  7. The love letter you wrote me on the back of your algebra homework
  8. The photo you took of me when I wasn't looking
  9. All the letters you wrote the summer we were apart, and the envelopes they came in
  10. A photograph of you playing your guitar; a photograph of you standing by James Merrill's grave that you didn't want me to take; a Polaroid you sent me as a bookmark; a photograph of me sitting on your couch in a white tank top
  11. Your white tee shirt
  12. The books you gave me
  13. The book I bought and inscribed to you, but forgot to give you
  14. The CD you tracked down that seemed like a miracle when you found it
  15. The necklace you bought on Chapel street and the thin white box it came in
  16. The black and red scarf you gave me that was never my style
  17. The poem you wrote, where it seemed like you were saying goodbye
  18. Every email we exchanged, which I printed out before they discontinued my college email
  19. Your pink tee shirt
  20. Your dad's plaid pajama pants
  21. Ticket stubs from movies we saw
  22. The sticker from the concert we went to
  23. Your argyle socks from H&M
  24. The books you gave me with the hidden notes inside, in code so only we understand
  25. The terrible card you wrote me with the cartoon giraffe on the outside
  26. The letter you wrote me on lined notebook paper after I said it was over
  27. One single red & purple striped sock