06.22.15 and the days are going to get darker
  1. 7.30 am: Woke up, looked at instagram/twitter/email/etc, filled head with unnecessary stimulation in very first moments of consciousness.
  2. 8.30 am: Evacuated bed. Ate piece of toast with olive oil & balsamic. Vitamins. Read another chapter of @Ayelet's very good book Love And Treasure.
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  3. 9.00 am: Tidied/cleaned while listening to Radiolab, Fresh Air. Postponed writing emails. Threw out old food.
  4. 11 am: Barre class.
    I am trying to get stronger for a part in a movie. It is very very very hard for me to get my ass to exercise. I only go out of the immense guilt I feel having already paid for class. I hate everyone there. I hate myself. I hate the instructor. I hate every pair of stupid tiny socks and every messy top-knot. I will never be the girl who gets complimented during the "push-ups" section of class. Ever, ever.
  5. 12: Went to Trader Joe's to buy salad for lunch.
    Also bought coconut milk, carrot juice, pecorino cheese & peonies.
  6. 12.30: Stopped on way home because suddenly deserved slice of cake from One Girl Cookies. Also, iced tea.
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  7. 1 pm: Ate lunch, started this list. Another chapter of book.
  8. 1:30 pm: Shower.
  9. 2 pm: Decided today was the day I deal with all our loose change. Googled "Coinstar," found one nearby.
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    Person who guesses closest to amount wins prize, prize being that I will answer any LISTAPP request, no matter how terrible.
  10. 2.30 pm: Annoyed everyone waiting for the Coinstar with my sheer quantity of coins, except for hot dad directly behind me, who cheered me on & told me "it's good for the kid to learn delayed gratification."
    Me too, sir.
  11. 3 pm: Listened to Crystal Gale on walk home.
  12. 3.15 pm: Wrote.
  13. 5.45 pm: My friend Jenny came over. She is the greatest. I gave her a pair of high heeled Mary Janes that don't fit me, she gave me some perfect tea towels. We went for a long walk & looked at all the places we had lived in the neighborhood & talked so much we almost forgot to get her to her dinner.
  14. 8 pm: My peonies are opening. I bought beer. I'm gonna order takeout Thai and finish this book and then finish that cake.
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    Solitude is wonderful.