For the uninitiated: the cartoonist Alison Bechdel's gauntlet that a work of art shd have at least 1 scene btw 2 women that isn't about a man (The film I wrote does not pass this test. Next one will).
  1. Picnic
    William Inge loved women in that way only a gay man can. Wrongly remembered for its hunky supporting men, this play is all about ladies left behind on the wrong side of the tracks: widows, spinsters, and girls on the brink of their real lives.
  2. A Streetcar Named Desire
    Another play remembered for its hot supporting male, but actually about the (too real) relationship btw sisters. Like Inge, Williams has a lot of plays that pass this test; his most famous work happens to be my favorite.
  3. Crimes of the Heart
    There are some other great 80s plays by and about women (see Paula Vogel, Wendy Wasserstein, Marsha Norman) but this is the one I like best.
  4. Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Seagull
    Can't pick one, I love them all. Chekhov wrote women as people with real interiority, moving the theater away from melodrama (see La Dame aux camellias) in the process.
  5. Hedda Gabler & A Doll's House
    Doll's House will always have my heart, but the scenes btw ladies are stronger in Hedda G. For the record, Ibsen was an OG feminist.
  6. When We Were Young And Unafraid
    My old friend Sarah Treem wrote this fucking gem that I was lucky enough to act in this summer. Track it down.
  7. Fun Home
    From the graphic novel by Ms. Bechdel herself. Short listed for the Pulitzer for good reason. Being remounted on Broadway this spring. Sell your soul for a ticket; it's so worth it.