Inspired by @tothemaxxx
  1. Weeks on the LISTAPP: 40
    Does that word capitalize for everyone??
  2. Person who invited me: @bjnovak
    Almost OG status
  3. Lists I've made: 65
    But I believe it was in the 120s before I did my pre-live purge.
  4. Lists I've favorited: 3277
    Fuck that's a lot of time spent on this app
  5. Lists I've relisted: 764
    Apparently I'm also very generous and/or inspired
  6. Lists I've saved: 18
    Mostly having to do with beauty products & skincare
  7. Number of remaining drafts: 6
    And only one that might ever be published
  8. Longest time between lists: 7 weeks
    I made an effort to seriously cut back on all Internet
  9. Least liked list: MEMOIR BY CRUSH: GIRLS EDITION
    There were probably others I erased. Personally, I think this is an excellent list.
  10. Most liked list: EAT THE HEART OUT OF A MAN: A RECIPE
    I also think this is my most misunderstood list. So many people thought I was trying to be funny or cavalier. Which was very far from my intention. Thought about erasing it. Left it. For now...
  11. Underdog favorite of my own lists: DREAMS OF EARLY LOVE
    Not undervalued per se, but definitely my favorite list I've written. Composed in ten minutes while lying on my childhood bed, wearing only a towel, immediately after a bath.
  12. Person I invited who has written the most lists: @tothemaxxx (206)
  13. Person I invited who has never listed: @brendan
  14. LISTAPP crush: so many of you made such an impact on me. Thank you.
    But @hollis & @maddiecalls have a special place in my heart which I can source originally to this Beta experience.