everyone here speaks english.
  1. Stood in line at JFK with the stewardesses of Singapore Airlines, whose coordinated outfits, bags, and shoes would not be out of place at NYFW.
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  2. German woman at airport lounge would not shut up about how "dirty and old" everything in NYC was. 12 hours later, Wizzair landed me in Vilnius.
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  3. The KGB museum is full of horrors, including jail in basement, where 1000s of political prisoners were tortured/executed. This is a picture of bags of shredded documents in a cell which once held 15-20 people. Happy Valentine's Day!
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  4. The upshot of the museum was the record of the strength of these people against all odds. This is a rosary a political prisoner in a labor camp made...out of bread crumbs.
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  5. The upshot of Vilnius is that despite its blood-steeped history, it is very beautiful...
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  6. And I have zero preconceived notions, so I'm walking around with my eyes wide open...
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  7. And this guy is here...
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  8. And someone in charge of grocery store packaging really gets me.
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