Nyc-->lithuania: Part 1

everyone here speaks english.
  1. Stood in line at JFK with the stewardesses of Singapore Airlines, whose coordinated outfits, bags, and shoes would not be out of place at NYFW.
  2. German woman at airport lounge would not shut up about how "dirty and old" everything in NYC was. 12 hours later, Wizzair landed me in Vilnius.
  3. The KGB museum is full of horrors, including jail in basement, where 1000s of political prisoners were tortured/executed. This is a picture of bags of shredded documents in a cell which once held 15-20 people. Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. The upshot of the museum was the record of the strength of these people against all odds. This is a rosary a political prisoner in a labor camp made...out of bread crumbs.
  5. The upshot of Vilnius is that despite its blood-steeped history, it is very beautiful...
  6. And I have zero preconceived notions, so I'm walking around with my eyes wide open...
  7. And this guy is here...
  8. And someone in charge of grocery store packaging really gets me.