1) tbh, I find a little choice objectification to be super hot sometimes 2) but these are gross 3) and also unoriginal
  1. "I prefer women with little to no pubic hair."
    1) most women are not born naturally hairless like certain cats. 2) therefore what you are really prizing is our willingness/ability to withstand pain/ingrown hairs. 3) i have made lots of different choices for myself "down there" because i find them hot in different ways. it'd be much sexier if you did too. 4) realllllllllly walking the infantilism line there.
  2. "I'm only into skinny women."
    1) i think a lot less of you. 2) like a LOT less. 3) like really a lot less.
  3. "I'm an ass/boob/legs man."
    1) fine, whatever turns you on. 2) but this is not a butcher shop. 3) and we are not pieces of chicken/pork/whathaveyou. 4) so please rephrase.
  4. "I'm only into [name a race] women."
    1) again, whatever turns you on. 2) but i think you're kind of a racist.
  5. "I only like small breasts/big breasts/tiny nipples/pokey nipples etc."
    1) wouldn't it be cool if your daily clothing showed off the size and shape of your vital sex organs too, so we could make educated choices about you before we chose to get naked with you? 2) if you're this picky before the clothes come off, i bet the sex isn't going to be very interesting. 3) sorry!!!!