I pitched this idea to @rightordoyle and @shannon and now I'm going to pitch it to you
  1. It would be like Charlie Rose meets Watch What Happens Live
  2. The pundits would be really smart hipsters--academics, journalists, etc. They would not be allowed to be snarky or ironic in their appreciation/critique. This show is about a real examination/reading of pop cultural phenomena.
  3. There would be guest pundits like @shannon and @rightordoyle, who have already offered to bring their talents to Miami (or wherever we shoot this thing). They would bring new spice to the mix every week, much like The Voice does by switching up who occupies their Black Man & Blonde Lady slots.
  4. Points of discussion: the Tao of Pharrell, the outfits of Pharrell, why Pharrell hasn't won even though he gives the best advice, whether people don't vote for Adam's team because they hate his competitive edge or because Adam's desire for hipster cred in song choice consistently handicaps his team
  5. Other points of discussion: the performativity of Blake's drunkenness, why the Blake/Adam bromance was a more powerful storyline than their rivalry, why no female judge has yet won, how this has become the de riguer post-partum gig for lady pop stars, why country western fans powerfully skew voting
  6. Other shows that could be discussed: Real Housewives of Sydney, Atlanta or Beverly Hills; The Biggest Loser; Intervention; House Hunters International; Ru Paul's Drag Race etc.
  7. I'm half serious.
  8. a portion where the viewers learn how to make blake's drink but it's taught by a fancy hipster chef? (It's crystal light and vodka)
    Suggested by @cristin_milioti