Requested by @sophia
@sophia sometimes these work; sometimes you just have to shoulder through the shit of life
  1. Take a long walk alone.
    Longer than you think your body can stand. Bring the company of podcast/music. Play it louder than your thoughts.
  2. Phone/Text a friend & make them come over.
    Rule 1: they only listen. Rule 2: you tell them everything. Rule 3: they tell no one. Rule 4: after, you do something fun.
  3. Do the thing you are putting off.
    Write the email. Execute the break up. Mail the check.
  4. Cry.
    It feels good.
  5. Fuck.
    It feels better.
  6. Get someone to squeeze you hard or lie on top of you.
  7. Drink.
    With someone else.
  8. Get a prescription.
    I hear Klonapin etc work. Plus these types of pills are excellent for hangovers.