Requested by @sophia
We were a no-TV household. Here were the exceptions.
  1. Sesame Street & Mr. Rogers
    Okay because they didn't have commercials
  2. Evening news coverage of the Gulf War
    They propped me up in front of our 12 inch screen and told me I probably wouldn't see another actual war in my lifetime, so pay attention. I think they were banking on warfare going virtual. In that way, they weren't totally wrong.
  3. Movies taped off the Z-channel
    Hundreds and hundreds of bootleg VHS tapes
  4. The Winter and Summer Olympics
  5. The Rodney King trial & some news coverage of the ensuing riots
    They wanted us to be socially conscious
  6. The OJ Simpson trial
    My dad was addicted. It's the only time I remember the TV being on for any length of time in our house.
  7. Some basketball & baseball games
    I asked my dad who we were "voting" for.
  8. The pilot episodes of My So Called Life & Felicity
    I think my mom knew the show-runners?? Or maybe she wanted to give me a stab at a normal childhood. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE MADRE.