1. The entire plot is just Marianne Faithfull riding her motorcycle from her sexless marriage bed in France to see her lover in Germany
  2. She wears this outfit, with absolutely nothing on underneath
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    First she hugs it to herself totally naked & says "it's like skin...I'm some kind of animal." And then you watch her put it on.
  3. The entire movie is almost all very whispery voice over expressing her inner life playing over shots of her riding on her motorcycle through the Swiss countryside.
  4. Her lover is played by Alain Delon wearing horn-rimmed glasses
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  5. She works in a bookstore & that's how she meets him. He's a philosophy professor.
  6. He gives her a motorcycle for her WEDDING PRESENT SO SHE CAN RIDE IT TO GO FUCK HIM
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  7. It's all about her sexual awakening & when Alain Delin unzips her cat suit she whispers "Skin me..."
  8. She says shit to herself like "He never gives me any identify. He never even says I'm pretty,"
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  9. When she cums for the first time, the screen freeze frames on her open-mouthed face & then fades to an electric red screen for a good 15 seconds
  10. She wonders to herself whether she married her husband just to keep herself from becoming a slut.
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    Except she doesn't use that word, she says tramp I think, I don't remember I was TOO TURNED ON.
  11. Never have I ever why the fuck didn't someone recommend this to me sooner oh my lord