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  1. take many many pictures
  2. earn lots of money $$$
  3. have fun at all of the concerts i'm going too
  4. have many adventures
(so far)
  1. write for rookie or any teen mag
  2. earn lots of money $$$
  3. get a nice camera to take more pictures
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my sister and i are going to New Jersey
  1. go to new york
  2. visit downtown new jersey
  3. eat lots of pizza
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  1. candy
    literally any kind doesn't matter my personal favs r hershey kisses or just anything small and cute
  2. a rented movie
    this time i rented casablanca for the plane
  3. magazines
    I bought nylon and the new Archie collection #1
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this is going to be a long list
  1. Take This To Your Grave - fall out boy
    ....one of the best albums of all time. I got it signed by fob. It means so much, the vocals are not as good as fob is now but they were all in high school and it has so much meaning.
  2. Vessel - twenty one pilots
    It's so hard to express into words how much this album has affected my life. During this era I saw them 3 times. The album made me feel safe. It was emotional, it was sad songs with happy beats, it made me feel happy when I was at my lowest.
  3. Purpose - justin bieber
    My love. My life. My everything. He has grown so much in the past 4 years, he has finally found his "purpose" and with the maturity in this album with his vocals and lyrics you can tell he has grown up and it makes me very emotional.
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  1. Jersey Shore
    I understand it is all made up and not real drama and the people are kinda ridiculous but I LOVE IT
  2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    one of my fav shows tbh. I'm a hoe for everything that has to do with Khloé, Kim or Kourt, I have their tweet notifs on, I follow everything related to them especially the show. They are such smart businesswomen and have such interesting lives I love them.
  3. RuPaul's Drag Race
    All of the drag queens are all so beautiful, I live for all of the makeup and the drama between the queens. It's so cool to see how committed all of the queens are in it to win it for the competition and what they will do to win.
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  1. my sister
  2. me and my friend whose working
  3. my little brother presenting
  4. my wife