this is going to be a long list
  1. Take This To Your Grave - fall out boy of the best albums of all time. I got it signed by fob. It means so much, the vocals are not as good as fob is now but they were all in high school and it has so much meaning.
  2. Vessel - twenty one pilots
    It's so hard to express into words how much this album has affected my life. During this era I saw them 3 times. The album made me feel safe. It was emotional, it was sad songs with happy beats, it made me feel happy when I was at my lowest.
  3. Purpose - justin bieber
    My love. My life. My everything. He has grown so much in the past 4 years, he has finally found his "purpose" and with the maturity in this album with his vocals and lyrics you can tell he has grown up and it makes me very emotional.
  4. Revival - selena gomez
    Selena has gone through so much in the past few years with health scares and breakups that she feels "revived" and it's very inspiring to see someone already so strong admit they are not and want to change because of it.
  5. Save Rock And Roll - fall out boy
    This album introduced me to my favorite band. This album was a brave move to completely change their sound after 4 years of not being together, and brave for such vulnerable lyrics. If you haven't listened to this album you need to do it now.
  6. Life's Not Out To Get You - neck deep
    Hard to describe it. It's a great fucking album. If you love pop punk, neck deep is a great band to get into and this album is great for the band and for pop punk all together.
  7. The Finer Things - state champs
  8. Back To Back - amy winehouse
    I miss my angel.
  9. Hesitant Alien - gerard way
  10. Journals - justin bieber
  11. To Pimp a Butterfly - kendrick lamar
  12. The Fame Monster - lady gaga
  13. I'll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time - moose blood
  14. You're Gonna Miss It All - modern baseball
  15. Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing - real friends
  16. Eyes Wide Open - sabrina carpenter