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Short backstory: my whole family are big Cubs fans. So many feels. Finally got the World Series win we've been waiting for.
  1. Oh yeah did you hear that there were so many goddamn people there?
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It's rare that Joel and I have the same day off so it was so great having the long weekend. Such a busy one.
  1. Friday night we stayed in and watched some tv.
  2. Saturday was my uncle's wedding so it was basically a full day family reunion including a wedding, reception, and after party.
  3. Sunday before they left for their honeymoon my family met up again at my grandma's house for some food and to wish congratulations, safe travels, etc.
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  1. A high school friend's wedding.
    This will be a good time and reminiscing is fun.
  2. My uncle's wedding.
    My dress still hasn't been delivered though😬
  3. Seeing Hannibal Buress in Chicago.
    Super pumped. Currently in my top 5 actors/comedians.
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A list of books I need after reading The Bassoon King and Why Not Me?
  1. Also, a book about working on The Office separated into sections written by the actors.
    Get on it @bjnovak
  2. Oh, and a self help book on how to get over The Office and watch new shows instead of rewatching it again.
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  1. "How was mowing the yard
  2. "Fine"
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  1. These are my cats
    This is Tyson. He is loud and lazy and a little dumb.
  2. Pens
    The lazy one doesn't chase strings.
  3. Long strings from sweatshirts/shoes/etc.
    Bella loses her shit chasing these around the house.
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  1. Etsy
    Everything is just so cute and with just enough quirky. All of their suggestions are spot on.
  2. Fixer Upper
    Chip and Joanna are goals 😍 they're such positive and supportive people and you can feel the love they have for each other and creating the best life for their children. They design some kick ass houses, too.
  3. Making money
    Jumping at shifts lately. Partially because I'm moving but also because I have problems budgeting so it's best to work some extra hours to make up for the Etsy shopping.
  4. Seeing my dude
    So excited he moved back to the area. My heart is so full. 💞
  1. Fields
    Love it when the fields turn green and corn is everywhere.
  2. Open skies
    No where I've ever been has had bigger skies than Illinois farmland.
  3. Chicago
    Needs no explanation.
  4. Friends and family.
    They're the best. Wouldn't trade them for anything.