Drag Race Season 8

My ranking of the queens from this season. This is what I'm doing now that finals are over and I'm waiting for the finale to be on iTunes. Enjoy 😘
  1. 12.
    Laila McQueen
    Girl. That pose on the couch. Feel like we might've gotten some kind of Green Day or MCR references if she stuck around and that's the only reason I was upset she left.
  2. 11.
    Dax ExclamationPoint
    Honestly don't remember much about her besides she had a pretty face.
  3. 10.
    Naysha Lopez
    Can't sew/pageant queen. Not a fan.
  4. 9.
    Robbie Turner
    Another one I don't remember much about besides the little sailor hat and dressing like an old woman...sorry, "old Hollywood." OH and the terrible poodle outfit.
  5. 8.
    Thorgy Thor
    Loved the Frida Kahlo look. Didn't like the attitude. Big comedy fan though. I feel like she would've shined more if Bob weren't around.
  6. 7.
    Acid Betty
    I'm so here for her weird looks. Loved (almost) all of them. This one was a little too sea creature-y for me and I got bored with the big Mohawk looks.
  7. 6.
    Naomi Smalls
    Very fishy. Loved her look a few times (that scarecrow look was out of this world). Got tired of the flat chest/supermodel thing pretty fast. The judges came for Derrick for wearing bathing suits with things tacked on but honestly Naomi did the same thing? Hers might've been a little more fashion but still...(bitter Derrick Barry fan)
  8. 5.
    Cynthia Lee Fontaine
    You crazy, gorgeous lady. Wish we had more episodes with you. It did get rough towards the end though.
  9. 4.
    Kim Chi
    Kim can do no wrong in my book. Love you boo
  10. 3.
    Derrick Barry
    Honestly caught up on Drag Race just for her. I understood why the judges were pushing her away from Britney but, as a Britney fan, it was a little disappointing. Seeing her transformation between her first experience drawing her brows to pictures of her now is inspiring and I'm so proud.
  11. 2.
    Chi Chi DeVayne
    So gorgeous. So down to earth and real. I really respect her struggle and making due with what she has. Loved how much she grew throughout the show. My top three would be her, Bob, and Kim Chi.
  12. 1.
    Bob the Drag Queen
    Lovelovelove. Favorite since the start. Huge comedy fan so I can not get enough of Bob. That Madonna outfit though. 👌👍💕🎉