Hbo Girls I Would/wouldn't Introduce to My Mom

  1. Marnie
    Absolutely. Marnie, even when she's being self obsessed, can charm the pants off of almost anyone. I love the J.Lo from the Grammy's quote and look. Throwback.
  2. Shosh
    My mom wouldn't be into the "cartoon" (is that offensive? They called her a cartoon on the show, I swear.)vibe but I dig it.
  3. Hannah
    Maybe? My mom doesn't subscribe as hard as I do to feminism so I don't think she could fully appreciate Hannah. Went with a picture of Lena Dunham because 1) she's a queen. And 2) I couldn't find recent Hannah pictures that do her character growth this season justice.
  4. Jessa
    Even though she's a little crazy, yes for sure I would. Mermaid hair, cherub faced angel.
  5. Loreen
    My mom doesn't act like a mom? Not in like "I'm a cool mom!" kind of way. More like constant irresponsibility and irrational decisions so I don't see her getting along with people trying to be parents...
  6. Caroline
    Praaaahhhhbably not.
  7. Mimi-Rose
    Absolutely goddamn not. Ugh. Appreciated the abortion part of her story though. But my mom would not.
  8. ...
    Honestly, my mom would be most inclined to talk to Ray.
  9. I live and breath for this show and the two part finale was so perfect in every way.
    Love you, @lenadunham 😘 thank you.