1. Sleeping in contacts.
    I always convince myself if I don't do it on consecutive nights then it's fine. But really, I know it's not good for me and I can tell the difference in quality of sleep.
  2. Sleeping with makeup on.
    Same as the contacts. Now that I've started wearing it more it's a bigger deal though. Had no idea something could make me break out and dry out my oily skin like sleeping in makeup does.
  3. Worrying whether I'm friends with someone who isn't worth the stress.
    Not great friends. Quality wise or in terms of depth of conversations. So many times I question whether talking about something would cross a line. Pretty much hanging onto a high school friendship. Trying to let go though.
  4. Not drinking enough water.
    I can never remember how much I've had at the end of the day so I think about drinking more then forget until I'm in bed (while wearing my contacts and makeup, after refriending friend on snapchat).
  5. In conclusion..
    If you take anything away from this list let it be that I am a lazy person who gets attached to people easily. Also, tries to drink enough water but 3 or 4 days out of the week does not.