It's rare that Joel and I have the same day off so it was so great having the long weekend. Such a busy one.
  1. Friday night we stayed in and watched some tv.
  2. Saturday was my uncle's wedding so it was basically a full day family reunion including a wedding, reception, and after party.
  3. Sunday before they left for their honeymoon my family met up again at my grandma's house for some food and to wish congratulations, safe travels, etc.
  4. Monday Joel and I were both off so we took advantage by visiting Chicago. It's always a good idea.
  5. We ended up walking A LOT (as you do in Chicago) and visiting the lakefront and Field Museum.
  6. Static
    It was very cool seeing the terra cotta warriors.
  7. Ooo! The field museum also has an incredible exhibit on Native Americans that I don't have pictures of because I was too busy taking it all in. I definitely recommend that one if you go.