I've always been worried we might be very similar but now a lot of things are pointing to the opposite.
  1. Not wash my hair every day.
    I thought this sounded gross until I actually stopped washing it everyday. My hair has gotten so much healthier. Plus, I use coconut oil every week or two and she would never.
  2. Use a menstrual cup.
    I asked my mom about it once and she was so repulsed just by the idea of it.
  3. Taking care of my skin.
    My mom sleeps with makeup on every day. She doesn't use moisturizer or lotion, doesn't drink enough water, and to top it all off she's been smoking for like 20 years.
  4. Not drinking pop.
    I can't even remember the last time I drank pop. Granted, I do drink coffee. But my mom has at least two Diet Pepsis a day. If she needs caffeine she drinks Mountain Dew (even though I've tried to get her to switch to coffee).
  5. I drink black coffee.
    Refer back to the pop entry. She thinks even the smell of coffee is gross. I got her a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks before and she didn't drink it because it had like a hint of coffee in it.