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If words were people, these ones would be as fake as the popular, almost plastic looking girls of a bad high school movie. Suggestion list. Feel free to add one!
  1. Best of luck
  2. Be safe
  3. Hope you're well
  4. Take care
I LOVE The Great Debates podcast!!! Highly recommendable! (http://greatdebates69.podbean.com/feed/) Here are my suggestion topics. (PS. There are probably too many but it was definitely fun thinking about it.) @helytimes @davis @medina
  1. Scripted TV shows are more relatable than reality TV shows.
  2. Birthdays shouldn't be a big deal.
  3. Girls periods are a big worldwide female conspiracy.
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  1. Bride Kidnapping Expert
  2. Bread Scientist
  3. Wizard / Mall Santa / Rasputin Impersonator
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My personal favorite movie soundtracks of all time. This music is so good and so are the movies. Enjoy!
  1. JUNO (2007) directed by Jason Reitman & music by Matt Messina
  2. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) directed by Sofia Coppola & music by Brian Reitzell & Kevin Shields
  3. PULP FICTION (1994) directed by Quentin Tarantino & music by Quentin Tarantino, Chuck Kelley & Laura Lovelace
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  1. Everyone is shit: some are just less shitty than others
  2. Also how awesome flash mobs are and how much I love them
  3. And... Yep, that's pretty much it
  1. Firstly, you lie to yourself, taking only one at a time (this only lasts 47 seconds max. okay like 25. 17? fine, 10 MAX)
  2. Realizing you're only wasting time because you know in the end you're gonna eat the whole thing you just take as many as can fit in your big salty guilty-looking hand
  3. Then, there's always that super deeply sad time when you're about to put some in your mouth but dramatically they fall to the floor, and so does your joy
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By now you're probably the king of aliens in another galaxy...
  1. First of all, he's like the coolest individual that has ever existed in this galaxy
  2. His electrifying music can rock my world in the most touching, inspirational, magical way
  3. He taught me that it's okay to be yourself, who ever you wanna be
10 more...
  1. Sketch more & come up with new cool designs
  2. Sew, sew & more sewing
  3. Work out
    & NOT procrastinate
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For the record, I love my family. These are some facts that I think are very relatable that keep happening every year and thought it would be fun to make a list:
  1. Awkward but (I guess) nice greetings
    It's either gonna be A) a "hey" from both parts + fake smiling + a "this will be our only interaction of the day" kinda feel, B) an actual but rare smiling with ur fav cousin but keeping it low profile bc u are not super close, C) a "you've changed a lot" comment from the older part followed by a weird joke about when u were a baby & D) a not weird at all greeting bc the 2 parts are way too comfortable with each other. You guessed it D) doesn't exist. Happiness and awkwardness come together here
  2. People & themselves
    Once we're all sitting around the table, the easiest subject is asking people about themselves which they will be happy to talk about bc people LOVE talking about themselves more than anything in the world eventhough it becomes kinda annyoing for literally everyone else when it takes more than like 27 seconds.
  3. Other successful subjects
    Food is always good. "How's ur turkey?" "Whoa you really got a nice piece there!" "I'm not really into mashed potatoes"... Other subjects would be complaining, judging & gossiping. Literally always work: bad hairs, arrested people, new couples... If we put it all together, we end up with the best pitch ever of a sappy soap opera.
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Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
  1. Last Christmas - Wham!
  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year - Andy Williams
  3. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
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