By now you're probably the king of aliens in another galaxy...
  1. First of all, he's like the coolest individual that has ever existed in this galaxy
  2. His electrifying music can rock my world in the most touching, inspirational, magical way
  3. He taught me that it's okay to be yourself, who ever you wanna be
  4. He's the most stylish creature you'll ever presence
  5. He kept moving forward and evolving in every way possible, making his eclectic point of view run & conqueer the world
  6. He had the longest, most beautiful legs, the ones that can make you freak out & get really jealous (then you realize he was a creature from another planet so you don't feel that bad)
  7. He was a true artist in every way: musically, creatively... He was an amazing writer, actor, painter, performer... He could basically do anything
  8. He had the best sense of humour
  9. He was the master of the guitar. (And also saxophone)
  10. I admire and love every alter ego he had
  11. His eyes
  12. His hair
  13. His wonderful and unique soul