Things to Do in 2016 (Not New Year Resolutions Bc for Some Reason Those Are Never Ever Accomplished)

  1. Sketch more & come up with new cool designs
  2. Sew, sew & more sewing
  3. Work out
    & NOT procrastinate
  4. Work out
    I feel like it desperately needs to be mentioned twice because it's the most likely to be dropped out
  5. Write (at least a little bit) every day
  6. Study & work Shonda Rhymes hard
    Okay maybe not that much, but yeah
  7. Be positive, your life is good
    Cool, mostly weird & nerdy friends? Loving & crazy family? Celebrity crushes on a handful of actors & writers that in your mind are always hanging out with u & telling u about the latest gossip on set of their super fancy new movie? Awesome 70s music always ready to be listened to bc the good songs are always yelling at you stuff like 'click on me & let me shine & be famous' which is very diva of them? Marathons of like a million tv shows?All of it: CHECK! So yeah ur life doesn't suck my friend
  8. Be creative
  9. Eat a lot of yummy food
  10. Most importantly, do what you love