A Review of Paris Hilton's Snapchat Art Tour

  1. Paris in the Nude
    This highly Photoshopped image of Paris references both past Sports Illustrated covers and archetypical depictions of Greek Goddesses. Both of these allusions, if you will, paint Paris as the demigod and sex symbol that fans and imitators know and love.
  2. Photograph of Monroe and Unidentified Man
    Behind a back-posing Hilton appears a black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe and an unidentified man. This particular set up seems to suggest that Hilton is a direct cultural descendant of Monroe, the original Blond Bombshell.
  3. Portrait of Paris
    Here we see a semi-obscured portrait of Hilton. This painting seems to follow the usual conventions of aristocratic portraiture and only serves to remind us of Hilton's immense power, wealth and blue bloodedness.
  4. Some Basquiat Imitator
    This Basquiat-inspired painting is only the second piece of artwork we've seen in which Hilton isn't featured. In her place, Andy Warhol — an artist famous for exploring the relationship between art, celebrity and advertising culture — appears. This is as close as Hilton will get to "a wink and a nod."
  5. Sequined Paris
    Back to Paris in this sequin-made portrait. Here's the Paris of aughts fame — the one sporting pink velvet Juicy jumpsuits on The Simple Life. Here's the glossy, girly heiress. Here's the Paris fans know and won't forget :/
  6. Graffitied American Flag
    This is possibly one of the tackier works featured in Hilton's collection. It's an American Flag composed of graffitied writing. The only thing I can make out is "genre." It's dada.
  7. Love One Another, Tracey Emin
    Hilton ends her tour with Tracey Emin, a contemporary female artist. Emin is quite famous for these neon works, which mix handwritten text with a medium usually reserved for more commercial purposes. Here, Hilton reminds us that she doesn't only have money but also taste.