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    I finished my gender studies final in 45 minutes last night
    I'm taking the class pass/no pass so didn't even need to get a C on the final to pass the class. But I definitely got at least a C
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    I finished my genetics final in an hour
    I needed a C to get an A in the class!
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    And I have my physics final in an hour
    I will update this when I finish!
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    Physics final was kinda tough but reasonable
    I know I for sure messed up on one of the questions but I definitely got at least a B. Need a B+ to get an A in the class 😱
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    I will update this again when I get my grades 😱😱😱
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    I got an A in physics!!!
    I got 95% on the final! This was the class I was the most worried about since the final is 50% of the grade 😳but I'm done with physics now!!
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    I got an 85% on my gender studies final so I passed the class!!
    Wasn't too worried about this class though
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    I got an A+ in genetics!!!!!!!
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    I haven't gotten a 4.0 in college before holy shit
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    Also my genetics professor emailed me to congratulate me and offered help with getting into independent research or grad school!!!!
    I would LOVE to go into genetics so I'm kinda freaking out ahhhhhhh