Here's why...
  1. Bio post lab due tomorrow
    That I haven't started
  2. Physics homework due tomorrow
    That I also haven't started but it's graded on completion
  3. Organic chemistry homework due Friday night
    And guess what..... I haven't started it
  4. Organic chemistry midterm on Monday
    Which I will be cramming for this whole weekend
  5. Organic chemistry homework due next friday
    But my professor said we should do it before the midterm because we will be tested on that stuff
  6. Bio pre lab due Monday morning
  7. Organic chemistry pre lab and post lab due Monday night
  8. I need to do laundry
    I'll do it today but the clothes won't get folded till this weekend or probably sometime next week
  9. And I'm also sick 😷
    Why does it have to be this week???
  10. I need to get started on all of this 😳😳😳