My taste in music has changed a lot over the years!!! The only band that is an exception to this list is RHCP because they have always been my favorite
  1. Elementary school- Kids Bop, Norah Jones, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears
    I have no idea how I got into this music (except for Norah Jones) because no one in my family ever listened to them
  2. Middle school- whatever was popular
    Basically what every other middle schooler was listening to. But at some point I discovered Tegan and Sara and started to listen to some good music
  3. High school- Indie rock, indie pop, indie electronic
    According to high school me, anything that wasn't indie was annoying and sucked
  4. College- EVERYTHING
    I got over my pretentiousness about indie music but it's still the majority of what I listen to. I'm also really in into R&B right now (like Anderson .Paak, SZA, FKA Twigs). I basically just don't listen to screamo and heavy metal
  5. Basically I realized that popular music does not mean that it sucks (high school me would have hated Alessia Cara just because she is super popular)
    It might also help that I never listen to the radio anymore so I'm not getting sick of songs that get overplayed