Campbell Hall, everyone
  1. I ordered a dog online
  2. The valley is sketchy
  3. What is the San Fernando valley?
  4. How do you spell kitchen?
  5. Campbell Hall is the antidote to ISIS
  6. Reading about arguing makes me want to argue with everyone and everything I see... Like I even want to argue with my dog!
  7. Fam
    Un ironic context
  8. Is the Nile River in India? And is that where the Egyptians were born?
  9. I don't do drugs!
    In response to "do you Netflix and chill?"
  10. Can you break a $100?
    Suggested by @avabellows
  11. Is that where Where's Waldo comes from?
    In response to learning about Ralph Emerson's son who died of scarlet fever at age 5
  12. Is California on the west coast?
  13. Where is USC?
  14. I can't do eyeliner all the way because of my eye shape
  15. Vape is my paintbrush and the world is my canvas.
  16. I can make cooler designs from vaping.
    Talking about astronomy.
  17. Do you Vape at the dinner table?
  18. When do I know when water boils?
  19. Abracada-BRAH
  20. "There are Hispanic white supremacists" "But they are not blanco"
  21. How do we know weve never been to Mars and someone's a Martian?
  22. Can I take notes on my iPhone 8s?
  23. I support women's rights even thought feminism only applies to women. -ignorant male
  24. I am most reliant on my iPhone. The only time that I don't have it is when I'm in the shower.
  25. Someone thought peanut butter had meat
  26. Are whales alive
  27. I thought Kansas was in Chicago state
  28. My mom is such a bitch, she didn't even pack me soy sauce!
  29. Megan yelling out Douglas booth instead of Fredrick Douglas in APUSH