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In honor of turning 33 I decided to think about all the things I've experienced in my life. Some of these are major and some are minor. But all were experiences!
  1. Living in 3 states
    Notable because some people only ever live in one!
  2. Moving halfway across the country
    Still can't believe it.
  3. Being a minister at a wedding
    Most nervous I've ever been speaking in front of people.
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In honor of WWHL's 1000th episode!! @BravoWWHL @andycohen
  1. Acting out scenes (especially Friday Night Lights scenes) on the new green screen
  2. Wearing a wig when acting out said scenes
  3. Talking about how much money his guests have/have made - the smirky look in his face always gets me
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With all the discussion around Gilmore Girls making a short lived comeback (can't wait)! I thought I would share my thoughts on how another (no longer on air) fav show of mine started to feel eerily familiar when I was watching it....
  1. Lorelei slash Rory = Zoe
    Main characters, fast talkers, great wardrobes, fun quirky personalities
  2. Luke = Wade
    Both in the food industry, both have an affinity for plaid flannels, both a little bit of the loner, townies, support the crazy/quirky of the main gals
  3. Emily Gilmore = Brick
    Drive our main characters insane and yet they are always around, snobs, love being right, but deep down lovable and there in the clutch
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