Stars Hollow and Bluebell Are Parallel Universes

With all the discussion around Gilmore Girls making a short lived comeback (can't wait)! I thought I would share my thoughts on how another (no longer on air) fav show of mine started to feel eerily familiar when I was watching it....
  1. Lorelei slash Rory = Zoe
    Main characters, fast talkers, great wardrobes, fun quirky personalities
  2. Luke = Wade
    Both in the food industry, both have an affinity for plaid flannels, both a little bit of the loner, townies, support the crazy/quirky of the main gals
  3. Emily Gilmore = Brick
    Drive our main characters insane and yet they are always around, snobs, love being right, but deep down lovable and there in the clutch
  4. Paris = Lemon
    In the beginning they start as the arch nemesis of Zoe/Rory and are hilarious foes, but in the end prove to be a good friend and still as hilarious. Also they both have ridiculous names
  5. Sookie = Lavon
    Great sidekicks - always providing food. Sookie in the form of being a chef at the inn, Lavon in the form of his kitchen where there was always a spread for his neighbors/tenants
  6. Dean = George Tucker
    The seemingly perfect guy for Rory/Zoe, more the goody goody option, homegrown town favorite. End up not getting the girl
  7. Lane Kim = Annabeth
    Best friends of Rory/Zoe...seems to be only thing in common
  8. Kirk & Lulu = Tom & Wanda
    Both Kirk and Tom are the "quirky" weirdos who seem to have every odd job in town and everyone dotes on them. They find their significant others in equally weird Lulu and Wanda...also did anyone else see Kirk in Guardians of the Galaxy? Fun fact. His brother was a producer or something. Seeing Kirk in the movie was super entertaining
  9. Miss Patty = Dash
    The ones who have all the gossip and are equally flamboyant in their storytelling and dress code
  10. Luke's Diner = The Rammer Jammer
    Seemingly the only places in town where people eat
  11. Weird town traditions - both towns have them!
    Festival of living pictures, Knit-A-Thon, Planksgiving, Sweetie Pie dance. And both had a "picnic basket auction" with Gilmore Girls auctioning off dates with the women and Hart of Dixie the men. Is this a real thing in small towns??
  12. The Gazebo in the middle of town = The Gazebo in the middle of town
    Pretty sure they used the same set from Gilmore Girls for Hart of Dixie right down to the white gazebo
  13. Characters I don't have a match for: Jess, Richard Gilmore, Michel, Logan, Taylor, Jackson, Mrs. Kim....anyone else?!