In honor of turning 33 I decided to think about all the things I've experienced in my life. Some of these are major and some are minor. But all were experiences!
  1. Living in 3 states
    Notable because some people only ever live in one!
  2. Moving halfway across the country
    Still can't believe it.
  3. Being a minister at a wedding
    Most nervous I've ever been speaking in front of people.
  4. Giving a eulogy
    Saddest day of my life.
  5. Multiple surgeries
    Some people don't ever experience their insides being moved around - I did three times.
  6. Multiple kidney stones
    Notable because they are horrible
  7. Having a baby
    Notable because it's terrible to go through labor but awesome to get a cute baby
  8. Working for two really cool companies
    Boo ya
  9. Seeing Allen Iverson receive his MVP award in person
    It was pretty awesome....and loud
  10. Paul McCartney in concert
    Way more awesome and loud. So sad he didn't sing "Paperback Writer" but loved every second of it
  11. Been to the Preakness - infield and stands.
    My east coasters know all about the infield. The stands make you feel like a grown up. Still sad Smarty Jones didn't win them all.
  12. Gotten into a fist fight
    Not my finer moments. But whatever. Black eyes are badass.
  13. Seen a tv pilot being filmed (That 70s Show)
    It was cool to see it happen - and then it turn out to be popular.
  14. Missed a buzzer beater to win a championship
    "For three to win the game!......still hurts"