While I love the theory of Christmas, in reality the entire holiday season is a combination of financial stress, familial complications and overall grumpiness. I'm trying to be more positive about this year, so here are some of my, musings, about christmastime.
  1. When to offend?
    Inevitably I forget about someone every year, sending a card or gift, and so maybe I should just make a conscious decision of who to forget this year.
  2. What the hell do you buy for dads?
    Not just my own dad, even other people's dads. Everything seems silly or just junk. Clothes? Too intimate. Books? They never read them. Tech products? Sorry I'm broke as fuck.
  3. Is having a mini Xmas tree sad or cute?
    What if you're gonna be alone and there will be nothing under it?
  4. Is there ever a non-weird way to ask someone you just started dating to hang out on Xmas?
    Enough said.
  5. I hate Christmas music.
    Not a question just wondering if it qualifies me as a grinch/terrible person.
  6. Who to send Xmas cards too? Y
    Seeing first point, except who is it weird if I DO send one to? I think that could be awkward potentially.