And every time I think things can't get worse...
  1. Fired.
    Not from just any job but my employers of the past 3 years.
  2. Dumped.
    Two days later.
  3. Strep-throat-caused body rash.
    Bet you didn't know that could happen. Me either.
  4. Turned down for a dream job.
    And become a barista at my old college instead.
  5. Bed breaks.
    I don't wanna talk about it. But beds are expensive.
  6. Fridge breaks.
    But as of today is miraculously fixed? Fingers crossed.
  7. MacBook dies.
  8. No thanksgiving.
    Or stuffing, or mashed potatoes, or pie...
  9. But at least I've got these little guys.
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