Some Great Things In and About Arizona
  1. The Grand Canyon
  2. Incredible night sky vieing (away from the city). Especially, at high elevations.
  3. Sedona
  4. The smell of rain in the desert. Creosote. When hiking run your fingers through a creosote bush and you will smell rain.
  5. Hiking in the desert, mountains, canyons and parks, etc.
  6. Low humidity and soft breezes.
  7. Saguaro, cholla, barrel, prickly pear and other beautiful cacti.
  8. Big sky.
  9. Gorgeous sunsets.
  10. Sunset Point.
  11. Meteor Crater
  12. Chase Field
  13. Valley Metro Light rail.
  14. Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix.
    Great architecture.
  15. Monument Valley
  16. Canyon de Chelly
  17. Waterparks
  18. Phoenix Museum of Contemporary Art
  19. Mesa Center for the Arts
  20. Gilbert Mormon Temple
  21. Mesa Temple at Christmas
  22. Mill Ave in Tempe
  23. Food Trucks
  24. Payson, Prescott, and Flagstaff.
  25. Reservoir Lakes. Especially, Canyon Lake.
  26. Four Peaks
  27. Superstition Wilderness.