For me...
  1. Love is when you wake up from a nightmare sobbing uncontrollably and your dad holds your hand and pets your hair until you calm down and drift back to sleep.
  2. Love is when you see your best friend for the first time in a month and you embrace in the warmest, most comforting hug.
  3. Love is when you are having a bad day, but Jesus sends just the right people to make you smile.
  4. Love is when you eat late night dessert on the floor of your room with your pals.
  5. Love is when your giggles turn to laughter and you laugh so hard it hurts to breathe.
  6. Love is when you hear your favorite song on shuffle and belt every word at max volume.
  7. Love is when you smile at a stranger and they smile back.
  8. Love is when you have late night FaceTime calls about the things that matter most.
  9. Love is when you trust the Lord with what He has in store for your life.
  10. Love is when you meet new friends in the dining hall, and sit with them.
  11. Love is when you get out of lab early.
  12. Love is when you jam out to throwback music on full blast in the car.
  13. Love is when you can share a look with family and friends and they just know.
  14. Love is when you do the dishes so they don’t have to.
  15. Love is when you get to gather seashells on your long walk down the beach.
  16. Love is when you watch Monday night football with your dad instead of doing homework.
  17. Love is when you quote the movie Elf in the middle of July with your brothers.
  18. Love is when you go to Loft with your mom.
  19. Love is when the family eats dinner together.
  20. Love is when you dance like no one is watching.
  21. Love is when you stay in the parking lot talking hours after the restaurant closed.
  22. Love is when you play tackle football with your brothers in your PJs on a Saturday morning in the fall.
  23. Love is when you watch hallmark movies with your mom and you both pretend you didn't cry.
  24. Love is when your brother asks for your advice.
  25. Love is when you can cry together.
  26. Love is when you wish you could make it better.
  27. Love is being forgiven.
  28. Love is forgiving.
  29. Love is patient.
  30. Love is kind.
  31. Love does not envy or boast.
  32. Love is not proud.
  33. Love does not dishonor others.
  34. Love is not self-seeking.
  35. Love is not easily angered.
  36. Love rejoices in the truth.
  37. Love always protects, always trusts, always perseveres.
  38. Love never fails.