People who have a history of mental health should not be in a position to counsel others. Period.
  1. There's a reason why the joke about psych majors being psycho is funny. It's because every good joke starts with a half truth.
  2. Maybe it seemed like a good idea in theory, but seeking the counsel of Hannibal Lector never ends well or without consequence.
  3. 'Setting boundaries' means they're about to cross yours. Pretty much all of psychology is at their disposal now.
  4. Platform and respect. Every question they ask is really a set up opportunity for them to answer or lead you to their POV. But now that they're in a position of authority, they expect others to listen up.
  5. Awareness. Maybe they entered this field to learn more about themselves but ultimately uses that knowledge to make everyone else seem crazy...or just crazier than them. Deflection instead of true reflection.
  6. If at odds, they'll be the first to invalidate your experience (or attempt to), but the last to ever question theirs.
  7. It's always about their need for control.