I'm a piece of shit and don't listen to new things nearly as much as I should because I get too stuck on old things.
  1. Hyperview // Title Fight
    Such a change!! I like the change though. A lot of bands are turning towards a more mellow sound like TSSF and Turnover and Title Fight and although I very much like the loudness and the yelling and the white noise drums I think I prefer this mellowness too.
  2. Everyone Is Going To Heaven // Citizen
    Also mellow. Can't hold my attention as much though. Album art is A+. Many songs sound similar. Maybe I need to pay attention more.
  3. The Kaleidoscope // Lemolo
  4. It's Not All That Bad // The Greeting Committee
    I like two songs a lot a lot. The rest sort of go over my head.
  5. Dealer // Foxing
    Sounds so mature. I like it. Winding Cloth is soothing.
  6. Depression Cherry // Beach House
  7. Wild Heart // Miguel
  8. I'll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time // Mooseblood
    Amazing!! Should have listened sooner. I love it. I want to play this during walks around the city. Definitely a favorite.
  9. Not to Disappear // Daughter
    It's kinda hit or miss but when it hit it HITS.