1. Everything bad is over
  2. It's a picnic and 70 degrees and every one is wearing white
  3. The shows you want are on netflix
  4. You actually have time for netflix
  5. You actually have better things to do than netflix
  6. All my friends are happy
  7. Enjoying things
  8. Time moves at a regular pace again
  9. Moving Mountains puts out the best album of all time
  10. Paint dries fast on the canvas and never on the palate
  11. A tattoo pen that'll let you keep your drawings on you for as long or short as you want
  12. A slushie option on the ice machine
  13. We've embedded glow in the dark stones into your sidewalks so the roads home are always lighted for you
  14. The roof of every building is covered with growing sunflowers or other comparable flowering plant
  15. More community gardens
  16. Sound museum
  17. Instead of rain, clouds burst like a needle put to a water balloon when they are over saturated
  18. The angle of the atmosphere in regards to the position of the earths horizon to the sun changes the wavelength of light, enabling for us to witness the whole color spectrum from one end to the other daily, which is a easier way to estimate time
  19. All the beautiful thoughts are written down and not forgotten. The brilliant ideas come to fruition
  20. More art created with the intention of not being seen
  21. Snowflakes. The size of saucers. Drifting from the sky.
  22. Spiderweb art
  23. The bees are safe