1. Time flies even when you're not having fun
  2. You can't depend on anyone really so don't
  3. Caring is cool
  4. Caring is also really really hard. Honestly one of the hardest things to do.
  5. Not caring is also difficult so sucks to suck you're stuck
  6. Go even if you're scared and don't want to
  7. Don't leave drunk friends alone
  8. Don't get cross faded after thanksgiving dinner
  9. Get cross faded before thanksgiving dinner
  10. Waking up ten minutes earlier to get coffee will make you less tired later than sleeping in that extra ten minutes
  11. Medium. Seven sugar packets.
  12. Snapchat is the best low effort way to keep people in your life for whatever godawful reason
  13. Adults suck and you have to pretend to be like one until you actually are
  14. Long walks alone are good
  15. Long walks with a friend is also good
  16. Go to Walgreens at 1am if you really want those gushers. Fuck it. Time isn't real.
  17. Say hi.
  18. Don't care too much.
  19. A big happy smile says "things are going well my friends don't ask me questions and do not talk to me thank you very much" which is an easy way to avoid people which is what I want to do
  20. Don't forget ur fuckin calculator anymore